What We Do

Where Communities Interact

We are providing activities and provisions that have been requested by the young people, who wish to engage and participate in such activities. Through regular consultation with our young people, we discuss and negotiate the activities that we are able to provide. This empowers the young people to take ownership of the project and strengthens their involvement and participation.
This is really important to us because our main focus is to involve young people in the decision making as we value their opinion and take their ideas into consideration when planning future programmes. 1CP encourages and involves young people in various social, recreational and educational activities. The social activities we deliver are fun days, BBQ, meal out, award ceremonies, events etc. The recreational activities are delivered through multi sports e.g. table tennis, football, basketball, volley ball, cricket, skating and badminton. Educational activities are delivered through a range of informal education methods which are both challenging and fun. These include day trips, weekend residential trips to help boost young people’s self confidence and self esteem, beneficial workshops and seminars on tackling current issues and promoting healthy lifestyle and future prospects. Some of the workshops that we have delivered include methods of expression, sexual relations education, poetry and spoken word, peer pressure and leadership skills.