1 Community Project has been established with a group of dedicated volunteers giving their time and effort to set up the project. Over the years our staff, volunteers and management committee have built up a wealth of experience and expertise. We are a credible, trusted and respected community based organisation. One of the greatest testimonies to our success is the fact that several of our volunteers as well as our young people have gone on to train and work in the youth and community field.

1CP’s success is down to the hard work and dedication of all the volunteers who have been working constantly to ensure young people have an enjoyable time at 1CP. All our staff and volunteers have completed a DBS check and have basic safeguarding and child protection training.

Volunteering provides you with a wealth of benefits including meeting new people and learning new skills. By volunteering with us, you can get involved in 1CP’s wide range of work. We’re proud that young people are at heart of everything that 1CP does. Our volunteers and peer motivators meet up regularly to decide what’s going on at 1CP – such as what projects we should be running and how to get more young people involved.

Whatever your motivation to volunteer, whether it is to gain experience, develop skills, achieve accreditation, take advantage of the training opportunities or if you are looking for something that will enable you to give something back to your community, we want to get you involved.

If you’re interested in becoming a Volunteer and shaping the future of 1CP, please get in touch with us by completing the Volunteer Application form below.

Please select the preferred file to download and once completed feel free to drop in the completed form or posting it to our address.

Training for Volunteers

At 1CP we like to invest in our volunteers so that they have the right skill set and confidence to help deliver the best programme possible.  To ensure they are all aware of how to work with young people all volunteers undertake an ‘Introduction to Youth Work’ training and ‘safeguarding/child protection’ training.