Half Term News

May Half Term

We have delivered two weekend of half term programme which included educational, social, and recreational activities for both boys and girls for 6 hours per day. Saturday was delivered for boys and Sunday was delivered for girls.
The activities included multi sports, arts and crafts and day trips.  The young people was aged between 8-19 and an average of 40 young people attended each session.

Up coming activities:
Along with the regular activities we are approaching to a 6 weeks summer. Our summer progamme will start from Saturday 26th July to Sunday 31st August 2014. 1 Community Project will deliver some activiities in partnership with youth village. However,  each Saturday we will deliver 6 hours programme for boys and Sunday we will deliver 6 hours programme for Girls. Please see summer programme for further information.
We will deliver activities such as issue based workshop and arts and crafts. We will have daytrips and also residential trip which will be for limited young people.  should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us. The programme will only have limited spaces and it will be on first come first serve basis.

April Half Term

During April half term 1 community project has partnered up with Youth Village and delivered a two weeks programme.  This attracted over 100 young people over the two weeks and also had a regular average 40 young people attending each session. the age varied from 8-19.

The theme of the two weeks was ‘promoting safety’ to young people.  this was delivered through workshops on contemporary issues and also healthy eating. The young people enjoyed activities such as arts and crafts workshop, smoothy making, t-shirt printing, generic activities included competition on football, pool, table tennis, skating, rounders etc. the daytrip included cinema, bowling, quazeer, London monopoly etc.
We have taken a group of young people to a youth conference in Croydon called ‘Momentum’. Our peer motivators took part in assisting the organisers to undertake the evaluation of the conference.

The two weeks was funded and supported by LBL Youth services and Ladywell assembly.