Youth Link Project

Activities are FREE*

Boys Group: The Boys Group takes place every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm at Ladywell Day Centre. The sessions include workshops, discussions, day trips, indoor and outdoor recreation activities (e.g. football, skating, badminton, table-tennis, PlayStation, X box etc.)
Girls Group: The girls group takes place every Sunday from 11am-2pm at Ladywell Day Centre. The girls group has been set up recently due the demand from the parents and the local young girls who requested we develop a programme for them. We have a dedicated team of female staff and volunteers who are working with the young girls to develop a vibrant package of activities which will suit the needs of the young girls. The activities we are currently providing are multi-sports, arts and crafts, drama, issue based workshops etc. Our half term programme also includes daytrips and we also plan to go on residential during the summer holiday.

*Some activities may require a small fee (e.g. day trips)